Copenhagen is known as World’s First Biking Capital (by The International Cycling Union, UCI, 2008-2011). The city has flat terrain and is mega bike-friendly that biking is no-hassle regardless of the season.

Copenhageners love to bike. In fact, as early as 1880s, Danes used bikes until it further boomed in 1920s after the development of more bike lanes in the streets and main roads. The trend was abruptly stopped when automobiles was introduced in the 1930s. But then cycling came back into the main scene in the 1960s when the oil crisis hits Denmark. Oil was rationed and people opted for cheaper means of transport. Since then, biking has been a part of the Danish lifestyle.

About 50% of Copenhageners choose to bike everyday, approximately 36% of them bike to work and school. Nine out of ten Danes own a bike and one cycles around 1.5 kilometers on average a day. Today, there is over 450 kilometers of cycling tracks all over the city. To further add on the facts, 40% of the kids aged 10 to 16 bike to school everyday. It is no wonder the city is running into being the world’s first carbon-neutral city due to its continuous CO2 reduction.

Why Do Danes Bike?

There are a lot of reasons why Danes bike, and believe it or not, it’s not environment-issue that is on the top of the list.

Danes bike because it is the easiest and fastest way to go anywhere around the city. Copenhageners choose to bike to work and schools than to take public transport or drive a car due to traffic congestion and time constraint. Public transport, although highly rare, still gets delayed at certain points due to maintenance work or bad weather. Traffic congestion, although not severely, still happens during rush hour along the busy city roads.

Biking is a good form of exercise. Since Denmark is mostly flat, it’s no big deal biking in kilometers to one’s destination. Consider it a warm-up before you start a normal work or school day.

Biking is also a good help for the environment as bikes don’t emit any harmful gas. The city of Copenhagen reduces 90,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. The city is focused on creating a “green city” that further constructions and innovations of cycling routes are being done to ensure the safety of everyone.

Biking is cheap. It doesn’t really matter where you stand in the society as both rich and poor ride their bikes to go around the city everyday. Even the members of the Danish parliament bike to work. So, everyone gets to save penny from riding their bikes.

Lastly, biking is a form of socialization. Copenhageners bike to festivals with their friends. Schools kids bike together to museums and parks.

Where Do I Rent a Bike?

Coming to Copenhagen, you might want to get with the trend and start using bikes as your main way of transport around the city. No worries, as you can easily get access to bikes with the service of bicycle rental shops all over the city.

Bycyklen Bikes. All over the city, you can rent an electric Bycyklen bikes. They are usually stationed near the train and bus stations. Visit to read more about the Bycyklen scheme.

Copenhagen Bicycles. Copenhagen Bicycles offers all types of bike that you can rent as you take a tour from Nyhavn to everywhere around the city. Aside from bike rentals, they also offer guided tours to all the key must-see places in Copenhagen. Be sure to check their website at

Donkey Republic. Donkey Republic offers a 24/7 bike rental to 20+ locations around Copenhagen via an easy mobile-phone booking system. You can check them out at

There are a lot of biking rental shops all over Copenhagen that you can choose from. You can find more of them at

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