October is the month of the biggest event for international people in Copenhagen — the Culture Night or Kulturnatten.

Culture Night is the biggest annual one-day event that is being held in Copenhagen every second week of October, usually before or during the autumn break. This year the event is set on Friday, October 13.

More than 250 establishments like museums, public buildings, schools, libraries, churches, government buildings and parks open their doors to everyone during this special night. There will be hundreds of events throughout the city, both for kids and adult of all ages. The purpose of the event is to experience Copenhagen in a cultural perspective, to be inspired by the capital’s history, and to enjoy one night of fun cultural experience.

How do I join or be part of culture night?

Get a Culture Pass (Kulturpas)

You need to get Culture Pass, an ID-card that gives you access to all the establishments that are part of the event.  It can also be used on the Culture Night from 17.00-05.00, as tickets to public transport including S-tog, Metro, and buses in Zones 1-99. Culture Pass costs DKK 95. You can buy them on all 7/11 outlets, libraries and museums in Copenhagen. If you want to avail of the free transport, you need to get a Culture Pass before you take any public transport.  If you are bringing your kids to the event, children under 12 years old get a free pass to the Culture Night whether or not they have a Kids Culture Pass card. Selling of Culture Pass starts on October 2.

Why you should take part of the Culture Night? 

Inside of Von Frue Kirke

Culture Night is a once a year event that gives you unlimited entry to a lot of establishments that normally do not open its doors to public. Imagine a day where you can go to museums and tourists attractions without having to pay entrance fee for each entry.

It is an entire day of almost everything — lively music, talks, art, fashion and food. It doesn’t even matter who you should go see it with as it is both enjoyable for friends and family.

Side door of the University of Copenhagen library near Strøget.

Where to go during the Culture Night?

You can check out Kulturnatten.dk, the official organizer of the Culture Night event, to get a full list of programs and activities on the said day. You can also check out their maps at http://www.kulturnatten.dk/en/Culture-night/Program/Omraader to plan ahead your destination.

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