Now that spring is here and the sun is giving us ample reasons to go out and explore the beautiful Copenhagen, you might want to ask about the best things to check out during this season.

Danes love spring not only for the sunshine but also for the vibrant colors it gives to the nature. I mean, who wouldn’t be delighted to see those budding leaves on the trees and the different varieties of wild flowers on the forest bed?

Spring is the start of a new life – a new beginning. After months of constant darkness and cold, here comes the sunlight that makes everyone excited to wear thinner layer of clothing and go out in the sun.

So what are the things that you should check out this spring in Copenhagen? In this post I would like to share to you some of the things that I do, the places I check out and other interesting stuff.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms as they start to bloom. Taken at the Bispebjerg Kirke.

One of the highlights of spring that Danes, expats and tourists go crazy about is the cherry blossoms. In fact, there is a yearly event called Cherry Blossom Festival in Langelinie Park that attracts people who want to experience Danish sakura feel.

It’s a cool and fun thing to experience especially with your family and friends. Don’t forget the camera to get a snapshot of the beautiful cherry blossom flowers. The best go-to place for me to see full-blown cherry blossom is the Bispebjerg Cemetery. People flock at Bispebjerg cemetery’s kirsebæralleen (cherry blossom alley) yearly to see the annual bloom. I personally went there the other day and saw some of the flowers blooming already. In a week, it would be ready for tourists.

Personal tip is, while you’re there, spend some more time and roam around the cemetery. Believe me, it wouldn’t disappoint you. Bispebjerg Cemetery has beautiful gardens it looks more like a garden than a cemetery. Another tip is, if you go take the back entrance, there’s a lake nearby teeming with geese and swans. Might as well make the most of your visit, right?

Botanical Garden

Located just in the heart of Copenhagen, next to Nørreport Station, the Botanical Garden is one of the must-see places one must see during spring mainly for its large collection of plants-species.

The garden which is open for public and has free admission is home to numerous glasshouses and beautiful rock ornamentation with different plants and flower species from Denmark and other countries. Inside the garden is also a lake surrounded by grass canopy where you can seat with a cup of coffee and a good book to read.

A must-see, though, for me is the Palm House (glasshouse). I found bamboos, mango trees and palm trees I missed so much back home. It’s so warm inside it feels like you are really in the tropics. Quite a nice escape from the cold.

The Botanical Garden is open all day from 8.30 – 18.00 from April up until the end of September.


One of my favorite places in Copenhagen is the Amalienborg Palace. The palace square which houses the Danish Royal Family is situated around 20 minutes away by foot from Nørreport Station. I just love this place I haven’t even been inside it on a guided tour!

This place is also teeming with tourists every time I come here. Why wouldn’t it be when the Frederik’s Cathedral is just literally across its main entrance and the Opera House on the other side of the harbor. A perfect place for photo-ops, right? Oh, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll witness the shifting of the royal guards at 12:00 noon. It’s a cool thing to see!


The Opera House


Photo by Adam Mørk

The opera house which overlooks the Amalienborg castle has always been one of my favorite places especially on a warm sunny day. I’d say this is my go-to place to see sunset in Copenhagen, sitting on those benches at the harbor or on the grassy ground, alone or with friends. I can go to Amager Strand and see an even more beautiful sunset, but I would stick by the opera house. Why, because here I feel like I’m one with the people around the area, the sea, and the city. It’s relaxing just looking into the sea, the boats passing by with a little hint of the city noise and the ocean sound combined in the background. From here, there’s a lot of opportunities as well to go someplace nearby.


Beautiful sunset as seen from the Opera House. Amalienborg on the silhouette.


Copenhagen offers an endless list of must-sees for tourists and locals. You just got to know what interests you and search for ways to satisfy these interests.

Which places are your favorite to visit during spring in Denmark? Share us your thoughts on the comment section.

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