Summer left a little bit of wonder and delight to Danes, but now, it is all cold and wet thanks to autumn season. While many praised this year´s awesomely unusual summer, predictions are not so good about the coming winter season — with experts saying it “could be” the coldest in six years. Well, while I´m almost marking my third year in here Denmark, I still can´t point the difference. All I know is that as soon as the leaves turn a bit yellowish, then it is time for double socks and extra warm leggings.

As the sun tends to be a little bit aloof and lazy, it can be hard  to do outdoor activities that won´t make you cold to the bones. In my case, no more sitting by the beach with a book in hand or walking by the lakes to feed the ducks. Well, you can still do it when it is not that windy and raining. Otherwise, it can be cold. Even biking can be hard, but looking at Danes, they don´t seem to mind. They still bike to and from work and get on with their lives like in any other seasons.  However, they are Danes and I´m not. So what can we do during autumn season?

There´s many exciting events to check out come autumn in Denmark, especially during the autumn break.  The best of them I´d say is the Night of Culture (Kulturnatten) which just happened (and I attended) recently. It usually happens mid-October where they give an entire day of cultural experience to Danes and foreigners opening museums and public establishments until almost midnight. Admission to all establishments is free once you get a kulturnatten stamp, which you can get cheap from selected shops like 7/11.  If you don´t want to get a stamp, there are also free admission exhibits that you can check out like the ones in Radhuspladsen in København or one time entrance to museums like Ripley´s. Otherwise, you can just hit the bars partying with your friends which is equally fun.  All of the above, my friends and I did. Super cool.

Nevertheless, the Night of Culture is over and so is the autumn break but there´s still a lot of things to see and experience. That is if you’ll actually take the time to search online and pursue it. So, what else to check out?   Best start outdoors while the cold doesn´t bite yet.

As the leaves start to change colors, I suggest you don´t miss out taking a walk in the woods and parks. It´s relaxing and really fulfilling seeing the spectacular colors of the nature blend in.  Make sure you bring a camera or you will regret not taking a selfie or two.

The zoo is another good outdoor destination especially for the kids. Copenhagen Zoo is open everyday year round from 10:00-17:00 on October and 10:00-16:00 for the month of November. You can also head to Den Blå Planet (National Aquarium Denmark), Northern Europe´s biggest aquarium.  They are also open throughout the year, even during holidays. If kids want thrill instead of wildlife, Tivoli is he best option especially now that they have fun programs for holloween.  Pumpkins are everywhere!

If you love flea markets (loppemarked) like me, there´s a lot of flea markets happening around the city this season.  Bella Center opens Copenhagen´s biggest flea market on November 12-13, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM.  This I´ll sure check out. There´s ticket which costs 40 DKK for adults while kids under 12 is free.

Museums? There is also a lot. Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts, for example, holds exhibits of German artist Daniel Richter called Lonely Old Slogans from 8.9.2016 to 8.1.2017 and/or Louise Bourgeois’ The Cells sculpture show from 13.10.2016 to 26.2.2017.  You can also check out Statens Museum for Kunst for more art exhibitions. They have a lot of events for the months of October and November that you can see on their website.

There are countless possibilities of enjoying yourself this season. You just have to decide on what you want.  Personally, I can´t wait to visit Tivoli´s pumpkins for Halloween and experience fright and fun simultaneously. Yes, it is possible. Try browsing on webites like whatsonevents or cph-events to get lots of ideas on what to do for the rest of the autumn season.  Happy searching and enjoy the leaves!


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