You probably heard about it, but when it comes to a place that brings together the best of nature, wildlife, playgrounds, and open areas, making it perfect for outdoor activities with friends and family, Utterslev Mose in Northwest, Copenhagen is the best place to be.

Utterslev Mose

Utterslev Mose is a fascinating piece of nature that is simply unique. Located in the northwestern part of Copenhagen, it has a large area of approximately 221 hectares of lakes, marshlands, and surrounding green areas.

Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

Combined with the surrounding forest and open fields, it makes for an ideal natural setting for those looking to explore nature and relax.

Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

Swans on full display at Utterslev Mose. Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

You may spot ducks, swans, herons, and other waterfowl, as well as dragonflies and other aquatic insects. The surrounding meadows and woodlands are also teeming with wildlife such as foxes, hares, roe deer, and sheep. 

Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

Summer view by the Utterslev Mose.

Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

The parkland is always teeming with people especially on sunny days. Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

For those looking to enjoy a day of outdoor activities with friends and family, Utterslev Mose has plenty to offer. The area also has an abundance of open green spaces for picnics, barbecues, and general outdoor fun. There are several playgrounds, complete with swings and slides, and plenty of space for kids to run around. Spread out around the lake are sitting benches and a variety of walking and biking trails to explore. There are also spots for fishing where you’ll normally find locals. If you want a quick tour around the surrounding area, you can also rent a bike and take a leisurely cycle around the lake. And don’t forget to make the most of the beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding forest, it’s actually one of the best places in Copenhagen to watch the sunset!

Birdhouses can be found surrounding the lakes.

Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

It is easy to reach Utterslev Mose by public transport, as it is located near one of the city’s main train stations. There is also easy access by car, making it easy to reach the area for a day of outdoor fun. So, if you are looking for a spot for outdoor activities with friends and family in Northwest Copenhagen, Utterslev Mose is the perfect destination.

Sunset view by one of Utterslev’s viewing deck near Emdrup. Photo by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

Fun facts: 

  • Utterslev Mose is the largest wetland area in northern Copenhagen.
  • The parkland was part of the old Copenhagen fortification system.
  • Utterslev Mose is home to a small flock of wild swans that have taken up residence in the lake. Keep a lookout and you might just spot them!

Have you been to Utterslev Mose? Tell us about what you like most about the place.

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