Imagine an island where all the cool stuff happens. That’s exactly what Refshaleøen in Copenhagen is.

An island separated from Langelinie by a narrow harbor, Refshaleoen, from its former glory as Copenhagen’s industrial district now boasts today’s new reputation as one of the capital’s hippest urban hubs.

In the old days, the island housed Burmeister & Wain shipyard, a known diesel engine producer which employed about 8,000 people in Denmark in the late 1800s. When the company closed in 1996, the island was restructured and its buildings were renovated to house today’s tenants consisting of creative entrepreneurs, storage houses, as well as entertainment and recreational facilities.

A popular hip cultural destination today, Refshaleøen is home to annual music festivals and events such as the famous heavy metal festival Copenhell and Copenhagen Distortion. The island also boasts outdoor and indoor adventure-packed activities like water sports, go-carts, futuristic ski slopes, and rope and wall climbing.

For art enthusiasts, there are various art installations happening on the island year-round at Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) which is Copenhagen’s center for contemporary art. Theatrical shows in tents are also held yearly.

But above all, Refshaleøen is more commonly known to be a fine destination for a great dining experience in Copenhagen, especially in the summer. The island’s pride, Reffen, is Copenhagen’s biggest street food market. With about 40 food stalls and bars and 6 workshops and boutiques, the place hosts about 100 events yearly and is one of the busiest places in the capital every summer.

How to get to Refshaleøen? The island is easily accessible by bike, bus 2A, or harbor ferries 991 or 992. You can also drive your car although the parking spaces might be limited especially in peak seasons.

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