It was an awfully cold, winter afternoon in Copenhagen. The ground was thickly covered in snow, the sun was out for a while and everyone was busy marvelling at the frozen lakes and harbors.

On the way to Nyhavn, my husband and I wandered on the small streets, looking through the charming blend of the old and new buildings in the Old Town Copenhagen. In the corner of Ny Adelsgade, we walked past a boutique, only to immediately go back.

At first, we thought it was only a normal flower shop. But looking through the glass windows of the shop, seeing the beautiful flowers, lush trees, and the golden brown twigs and branches backdropping the ceilings and walls, we knew that looking from the outside was not enough.

Tage Andersen House

Tage Andersen is a renowned Danish florist and artist. Originally a trained pastry chef, Andersen surrendered to his love for artistic expression through flowers, crafting, sculpting and designs. His house, the Tage Andersen house by Ny Adelsgade is originally a flower shop since 1976.  Today, it serves as a floral boutique, studio and art gallery.

Getting inside the shop is like stepping into an enchanting-fairytale. You will see flowers everywhere, beautiful trees and art pieces giving the small space a beguiling sophistication.

You will be welcomed by classical music and the sweet singing of birds. There are birds in cages in different parts of the shop, giving one a sense of oneness with the nature.

The natural light and the shop lighting also gives the place a beautiful backdrop for photos and better viewing as the beauty of the artworks get illuminated and exposed.

The ambiance of the place is overwhelming but amicable.

Despite the small space comprised of a ground floor, an upper floor and a small garden, Tage Andersen’s shop is a hidden gem in the heart of Copenhagen. A wonderful respite from a busy day.

There’s an entrance fee of DKK40 for a full access to the upper floor and the garden. But it’s free to look around on the ground floor.

Personally, I was in awe looking around the entire place. I never thought such place existed in the middle of Copenhagen. The experience was spectacular and I decided to come back later to share it with a friend. The shop assistant was also very nice and accommodating to tour us around and share a little bit of facts about the art pieces and Tage Andersen himself.

The best time to go visit the place is spring and summer. But for me, regardless of the season, the place is worth visiting especially for photography and art enthusiasts. (Check out more photos of Tage Andersen in our gallery.)

How to Get There

From Nørreport Station, take the Metro bound to Lufthavn or Vestamager and get off at Kongens Nytorv station.

From Kongens Nytorv, take the path walk towards the direction of Hotel d’Angletere passing by the Sydbank building. Ny Adelsgade is on the left. Tage Andersen boutique is at No. 12, near the end of the street.

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  1. Tage Andersen is great. It sounds like an awesome place if you’re looking for a quiet secluded oasis in an otherwise busy city 🙂

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