You are now in a beautiful European city and you want to make the most of your stay by touring around the city!  While it’s easy to navigate around, you might want to plan which transportation you’ll be using.  Are you going to walk, bike or take public transport?

politikenCopenhagen is a great place to walk and bike, so if you’re intending to do a whole day exploration in specific areas and its surroundings – this is it! However, if you’re up for a larger voyage, you might have to take a bus ride. This is where you’ll need a travel ticket.

Danish transport company DSB offers you suggestions on how you can plan your travel via public transport. If you are not familiar with the Danish transport, it can, at first, be slightly confusing. To start with, places in greater Copenhagen have designated zones which determine your travel fare.


Zones are illustrated by colors, numbers and the name of stations in black font (see example of zone map).  The colors are called zone rings, they determine the price you have to pay during your travel.  For instance, in the map below, København H (Copenhagen Central Station) is in zone 1, with the deep red color (zone ring). From København H you need to travel to the airport (Kastrup), which is further down zone 4 with the yellow color.  How many zones do you need to pay? You will start with the zone where you came from (zone 1), continued into the zones you’ll pass through until your destination. In this case, zone 3 (blue) and zone 4 (yellow). All in all you need to pay for three zones, (1, 3 and 4). It’s confusing with all the numbers of the zones itself. But the key is to take note of the zone rings where you pass through your journey. This will be the basis of your calculation.


Zone tickets apply to busses, train and metro.  But take note that this type of ticket is only valid for a certain amount of time and on the specified zones.  Going beyond the time and zones requires extra payment. The minimum zones you pay for is two zones, and costs DKK 24.00.  Sorry, but that’s how it is! This means going around inner Copenhagen requires you to buy two-zones ticket per travel.  If you’re intending to use public transport in Copenhagen longer than the two zone ticket, you’ll need to buy a new one after it expires.  Thus, you will need to get an alternative for cheaper fares and discounts.

Let’s go over some of the options we can choose from, for instance, if we wanted to disregard time alltogether with an unlimited pass through the city center or your choice specific zones.

Travel Pass

There’s a 24-hour ticket you can purchase through DSB’s app, “Mobilbilletter”, for unlimited travel by bus, train and metro in all zones in greater Copenhagen within 24 hours.  There’s also the option of a City Pass. It’s valid for either 24 or 72 hours, gives unlimited travel by bus, train and metro throughout zone 1 to 4.  If you want more than unlimited travel pass, such as free admission to museums and sights, discount in restaurants, car rentals and sights, then Copenhagen Card is just right for you. They are offered with 24, 48, 72 and 120 hours validity period.  Hey, you need a week long unlimited travel pass in your choice of zones? Then a FlexCard – valid for 7 days – would be a good choice for you. It’s so flexible you can even share it with others, adding them to your flexcard travel ticket by signing in as two or more.


For someone who intends to stay in Copenhagen for more than a month, and would like to travel a lot, a refillable rejsekort (travel card) would be practical to use.333 It’s cheaper and more flexible! It’s a single card (see example image) you use by checking in the start of the travel and checking out by the end of the journey, by swiping it infront of the card readers. The card readers are located on all busses and train stations.  Make sure to fill the rejsekort up with money first as it doesn’t come pre-filled! Machines to fill up the rejsekort can be found on all train stations and 7-Eleven S-train outlets.

Where to Buy Tickets?

You can buy tickets from the DSB machines in the airport and in most stations all around Copenhagen!  Single tickets are being sold on busses when you get on.  You can also just buy it online through Din Offentlige Transport.  For the Copenhagen Card, you can buy it online at Copenhagen Card. You can get The Rejsekort at the DSB center in Copenhagen Central station.

There are a lot of possibilities for travel in Copenhagen. It only requires careful planning on your part as a traveler. For more information regarding travel tickets, check out the DSB website, or visit them personally at the Copenhagen main trainstation.

Safe travels!


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