Summer is the best season of the year in Denmark. Every year, as soon as the temperature rises, Danes start to put out their summer outfits and hit the nearest public parks, beaches, and swimming areas to enjoy the warm rays of the elusive sun.

In Copenhagen, people crowd the streets and business establishments as soon as the sun is out. Walking around and looking at people is like watching a fashion show as everyone dresses up with their colorful summer outfits matched with their stylish solbriller (sunglasses). Walking by foot or biking is always a personal choice for everyone in this beautiful city. The only thing that is sure, though, is that the city comes to life as businesses like cafes, local food shops, and clothing shops flourish with customers getting hyped by the warm weather.

It is also during the summer when most of the exciting things happen in Denmark. There are numerous sports activities, concerts, art exhibitions, and many more events happening everywhere. On top of that, the days stretch longer so you get to enjoy a lot of activities with your friends and family. So, how can you enjoy your summer in Copenhagen?

What are the best things to do in Copenhagen during the summer?

Early summer at Bellevue Strand.

Bathe in the ocean. Denmark may not be blessed with natural and massive shorelines and beaches, nevertheless, that does not make such as difference as man-made beaches and havne or harbors offer incredible summer dipping experiences. Places in Copenhagen like Havnebadet in Islands Brygge, Fisketorvet, Amager Strandpark, Nordhavnen, and the entire water stretch of Langelinie and Sydhavnen remain favorite bathing places for locals. Outside Copenhagen, beaches like Hellerup Havn in Hellerup, Charlottenlund Strandpark, Bellevue Strandbad in Klampenborg, and further north are common swimming places for people.

Bike around. What’s a better way to navigate the city than using a bike? Biking in Denmark specifically in Copenhagen during the summer is one of the best things one can do to experience the ultimate Danish summer experience. Drive along the colorful small streets and navigate through the entire city at your own pace. And the best part is, biking lets you experience and enjoy the Danish summer breeze.

See concerts. Summer is concert season in Copenhagen. The music hype is usually kicked-off by street music performances in walking streets and public plazas. Copenhagen Distortion, Denmark’s biggest street party and one of Europe’s biggest annual gatherings,typically highlights the start of summer in Denmark. Roskilde Festival, the largest music festival in Denmark and in Northern Europe, is also a favorite summer must-experience for youngsters and young-at-heart. In the streets of Copenhagen, numerous jazz concerts play during the summer, making the city even more alive and vibrant. There are also select performances in places like Tivoli, public parks like Søndermarken in Frederiksberg, and concert halls like VEGA that you can check out.

A fine summer day at Dyrehaven.

Experience nature. Taking a walk in the woods or public parks is a nice breather, especially after a long day. Copenhagen has many public parks where you can walk around or hang out. It’s a good opportunity as this is the time of the year when the plants and trees are at their best, and the birds are at their happiest. Right under the nose of the city is the Botanical Garden which offers a nice escape from the buzz outside.  Going further, a must-visit place outside Copenhagen is Dyrehaven (The Animal Garden), which makes it possible for nature, animals,  and people to co-exist harmoniously. The long walk becomes worth it as you get to be face-to-face with the animals that reside in the vast woodland that used to be a hunting place for the Danish royalty.

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Eat ice cream. There are two things that commonly signal the summer season in Copenhagen: shorts and ice cream. When the temperature starts to reach two digits, people tend to grab a scoop or two of their favorite ice cream to show their excitement. Ice cream shops like Ismageriet, Paradis, and Hansens usually have people lined up in long queues. It’s a very Danish summer scene: people eating ice cream.

Loppemarked at Ahlefeldtsgade.

Loppemarked (Flea Market). The sunny season in Copenhagen is loppemarked season. Every weekend during the whole summer, a goto destination for people are flea markets all over the city. Usually found in city squares or plazas, loppemarked offers cheap clothes, bags, accessories, and different collectible items to locals and expats. You might as well try it out. You might find a nice summer outfit among the piles of clothes they sell there. We have loppemarked events posted on our events section. Be sure to check them out!

Pick strawberries and peas. A cool family activity to do during summer is to pick strawberries or peas on farms. In some municipalities outside Copenhagen, there are strawberry farms that allow selfpicking for customers. Its a fun experience for kids, especially since you can do free taste tests with the strawberries while you fill your boxes.

Get on a boat or kayak. Either for a sport or just for entertainment, another cool thing to do during the summer is to get on a boat or kayak/canoe. In Copenhagen, the Danish-designed picnic boat company GoBoat offers boating experiences for groups of friends or families who would like to experience sailing along the city canals and waterfronts while bonding at the same time. There are also boat rental shops along the harbor that rent out boats and kayaks/canoes.

Do sports al fresco. Ditch the gym and start doing your daily workout routine outdoors. There is no better experience than sweating under the sun and feeling the breeze on your skin. Summer gives people more reason to be even more active, so they head to local parks for jogging, biking, or doing their own workout routine. Fælledparken is one of the biggest parks in Copenhagen, where sports enthusiasts and people who just want to do sports go to sweat out.

Go on a picnic with family and/or friends. A common scene during the summer includes people huddled together under trees, on the grass, or by the beach, and grilling. Getting together with family and friends is a common practice in Denmark to celebrate the joy of summer. They play games, share food, drink cold beers, and catch up.

View from the top of the Church of Our Saviour.

Visit the city’s tourist spots. Whether you are a tourist planning on going to Copenhagen during the summer or just a local, summer is the best time for you to enjoy the tourist attractions in this beautiful city. Climb on top of the Rundetår (Round Tower) or the Church of Our Saviour in København to experience a nice panoramic view of Copenhagen. Visit castles, experience canal tours, and eat local food at local shops like Torvehallerne to complete your Copenhagen tourism experience

There are a whole lot of other things you can do to enjoy the summer season. Knowing your preferences and planning ahead is the key to making the most of your Danish summer experiences. But don’t take it slow though, as the weather can be a spoilsport. Take advantage of the good weather now while you can or wait for the grace of the next summer.

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