While some argue that Halloween does not fall into the category of traditional Danish festivity, in recent years the season has become accepted and embraced by the Danes. Starting in October, shops and establishments start to change their decor into Halloween-themed ones. Weeks before Halloween until November 1, parties are being held at bars, clubs, and hotels around Copenhagen joined by both expats and Danish locals. It’s such a colorful festivity despite the cold weather and long darkness brought by the coming winter season, which makes it even more a reason for people to go out and celebrate.

What to do in Copenhagen this Halloween

Halloween in Tivoli Gardens. Photo by Mary Ann Basilio

Probably, some of you are looking for some good things to do during this spooky season. Last year, I wrote about my experience having visited Tivoli Gardens during Halloween. This year, I want to make something different so I compiled a list of the things I have already experienced in the past years, as well as the things that I have yet to do to help you with your search.

Photo by Mary Ann Basilio

Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli has always been the top Halloween destination in Copenhagen for Halloween festivities. The magnificent theme park never ceases to amaze its visitors with its jaw-dropping Halloween decors each year. This year, Tivoli’s spectacular celebration of Halloween features a record number of over 20,000 pumpkins, over 2,000 straw bales, and numerous herbs and perennials, perfect for garden inspiration. Aside from the magnificent Halloween display, expect to be thrilled as well, as you take a tour inside Tivoli’s Old Roller Coaster which houses “The Haunted Orphanage” this year. It will surely be a fun night experience with your friends and family, going in there and solving its 30-year-old mystery and terrifying secrets. Apart from these and the usual Halloween spiced-up Tivoli rides, there are also special events to watch out for. Experience the annual Monster’s Night Out, which parades zombies, monsters, and other scary creatures, and the Trick or Treat happening on the eve of October 31. For more information about Tivoli’s Halloween yearly Programs, visit their website here.

Halloween Parties. By mid-October, some of the companies, bars, hotels, and other establishments all over Copenhagen hold fun Halloween Parties. If you are in for a cool Halloween night out, prepare your costume and head to these places with your friend. Hotspots to check out include Generator Copenhagen, Culture Box Halloween, and Urban House Copenhagen.

Bispebjerg Cemetery. Photo by Hunbille
Visit the Cemeteries. If you’re in for some “spooky” adventure, then it may be a good idea to try walking around Copenhagen’s most beautiful cemeteries this Halloween. Cemeteries like Assistens Kirkegård and Bispebjerg Cemetery might be good places to find peace, be one with nature and hunt for ghosts! With the weather these days, a short walk on a cold, cloudy afternoon in between tombstones indeed sounds a little spooky.
Dine and Drink at Kødbyen. Just 10 mins walk from Copenhagen Central Station lies Kødbyen, also known as the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen. It is one of the most popular places to go to in Copenhagen regardless of the season. Originally home to Copenhagen’s meat business industry, Kødbyen today offers a wide variety of diners and bars perfect for a friendly night out. Check out their website here for a full list of restaurants, hangouts, and programs they might have especially this Halloween.
Carve your own pumpkin decors. A very interesting thing to do when you’re really into Halloween is to make your own personal Halloween decorations. Local supermarkets sell pumpkins as Halloween approaches, so it will be easy to buy a big one you can creatively play on. If you’re not too good at carving, you can also buy pumpkins in different sizes and other special decors.
Stock up on candies.  It won’t be a real Halloween without the treats, especially for kids. A good thing to do during this season is to head to candy shops and buy a bag of mixed treats for your kiddos or simply yourself. My go-to place for candies and other chocolates is in Nørrebro along Frederikssundsvej, although candy shops can be anywhere around Copenhagen.
Go visit the Dyrehaven. Although Dyrehaven is outside Copenhagen, I thought I would share anyway my experience coming there during this time of the year. Take a train going to Klampenborg and get off at Klampenborg St. From there, you’ll reach Dyrehaven which is basically where Bakken is located. The surrounding nature is spectacular, with the leaves of the trees turning yellow, orange, and brown and the animals being active due to mating season. But the long walk along nature isn’t the best thing, though. If you have nothing else to do for the rest of the day, try staying until sunset by The Hermitage Hunting Lodge. From there, wait a little bit more until it gets a little darker. With the light slowly fading from the sky, you’ll hear the howling of the mating animals and witness nature being enveloped by darkness. Trust me, the experience was a mix of both eerie and Jurassic feelings. When you go there, make sure you have a local with you or a good GPS so you’ll know your way around. Also, please don’t disturb the animals by flashing lights on them or making noises.
Back view of The Hermitage Hunting Lodge in Dyrehaven.
There you go, people. I hope my list gives you some cool ideas of what to do during the rest of Halloween here in Copenhagen. If you have other suggestions about where to go and what to do, please do not hesitate to write in the comments section. Happy Halloween!

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by Crystal Dauz-Skjødt

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