About Us

There is nothing greater than a warm welcome in your host country as an expat or visiting tourist.  Travelling, after all, is not just about seeing tourist spots and tasting delectable dishes — it’s about being ‘one’ with the culture that you are trying to immerse in, experiencing it, learning from it and of course sharing it with other people. All despite of you being ‘foreign’.

Everyday Copenhagen is created with the vision of welcoming expats and tourists to a happy neighborhood.  With our accounts of the everyday happenings in Denmark’s greater capital, we hope to make YOU, US, aliens-alike, feel not so alienated.  You’ll be introduced on the basics of this cozy city, given tips from daily travel to seasonal festivities, tourist attractions and fun travel destinations. Consider us your guide as we tour you around the busy streets in the city and experience adventure all year round while being acquainted with the Danish life.