Spring is an exciting time in Copenhagen, as it marks the beginning of flea market season! As the days become longer and brighter, locals flock to public parks, cafes, and forests to enjoy the outdoors. However, for some, the highlight of spring is the opening of the city‘s various loppemarked, where they can hunt for rare finds and bargain for great deals.

Flea market in front of Radhuspladsen.

Flea markets, or loppemarked in Danish, are one of the most exciting highlights of summertime, especially for those who love finding secondhand (used but in good condition) items at incredibly low prices. Starting as early as April, flea markets around Copenhagen typically run until early fall and usually take place on weekends, making them a popular destination for families, youngsters, expats, and avid collectors alike.

Why do Copenhageners love to go to loppemarked?

One of the many musical instruments being sold at the loppemarked by Charlottenlund station.

Let‘s just say rummaging through flea markets is like opening a surprise gift. You never know what you may find due to the vast array of items people bring to sell. From musical instruments to sports equipment, home furnishings to jewelry in flea markets, the selection of items you could potentially stumble upon is immense. Whatever it is you‘re looking for, chances are you can find it in a flea market.

Students, expats, and locals can discover a treasure trove of secondhand finds when perusing the piles of signature and locally made garments, shoes, jewelry, gadgets, antiques, furniture, porcelain, vintage items, books, and other collectible items on offer at bargain prices starting from as little as 10 DKK (krones). To get the best deals, it is essential to have a keen eye and to haggle for the price you‘re willing to pay. However, don‘t be disheartened if you don‘t find any items to your liking on your first visit. The sellers and products are everchanging and vary from week to week.

Personally, my favorite places to visit for a bargain come summer are Frederiksberg Loppetorv and Charlottenlund Loppemarked. These flea markets offer a great selection of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. For example, in Charlottenlund, you can find almostnew cardigans from brands like Zara, Magasin, and Esprit for as low as 30 DKK it all depends on how good you are at haggling!

Are you looking for flea markets in Copenhagen?

It‘s pretty easy to find out where the nearest loppemarked is in your area. The municipal government (kommune) usually sends out announcements to addresses within their area regarding the schedules of loppemarked openings, and there are often signs in train stations or local ad postings in shops or street posts spreading the news. But the easiest way to search for loppemarked near you is to go online. It‘s even better to search through your social networking sites, if you have one. There are always tons of postings on Facebook regarding flea market openings, and you can even look for other users who have posted about upcoming flea markets in your area. Additionally, many local governments have websites that provide information about upcoming flea markets in the area, so you can check there as well.

Are there flea markets in Copenhagen during the autumn or winter season?

If you missed taking a trip to any flea markets during the spring and summer months, don‘t fret! There are several select flea market shops around Copenhagen that are open all year round, such as Den Blå Hal,, and Turbos Loppebazar.

So, start gathering those coins and small bills you have been saving up over the last few months and plan a trip to the nearest loppemarked. Don‘t forget to bring a bag for all of your purchases, and happy haggling!


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