Hello, everybody! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as I did here in the beautiful Copenhagen. It’s been a while since I last wrote my entry and I’m very excited to write about my experiences this ending season.

I just stayed in Denmark the entire summer. While some of my friends and acquaintances packed their bags to go elsewhere in Europe, my husband and I decided to stay and enjoy the best season in Denmark ever. Why, because Denmark is the best during summer.

Summer is full of life and fun. While the temperature starts to drop by mid-September, the start of summer by late June until August can be really hot with temperature ranging from 14 C to 28 C. Just the perfect temperature to wear your shorts, tank-tops and comfy flip-flops while you hang out by the beach with your friends and family. Another really cool thing about Denmark in the summer period; is how it almost never gets really dark. You can see light on the sky until around 23:00 pm!

So, what did I do this summer? Before I say goodbye to Mr. Sun, I’ve come up with the list of the things I did and perhaps some ideas for you to do next summer season in Denmark.

Bike around. When the sun is really proud and the temperature is really inviting, expect the city to be crowded with people enjoying the good season. Biking during summer in Copenhagen is one of the best things you can do to experience a total danish summer experience in Denmark. My husband and I didn’t waste money taking public transport almost the entire summer, usually because it’s such a pity to not experience the buzz outside. The whole of Copenhagen becomes alive in the summer. Since Copenhagen is mostly flat (not taking note of the low hills here and there), it is such a nice and safe place to bike around. Backed by the GPS on our phones, we visited parks like Frederiksberg Garden, the Zoo, the roundtower, Strøget, Nyhavn, Papirøen, the Opera, a lot of small streets in inner Copenhagen and many, many, other places.

Shopped at loppemarkeds. One of my personal favorites things to do in the Danish summer, is fleamarket-shopping (loppemarked). Danes love loppemarked, it’s always packed with people! You will find a lot of good stuff like clothes, shoes, accessories and other collectibles in flea markets. Who doesn’t love good deals for as low as 5 DKK (under $1) for designer clothes? You just have to be patient and know the best places to go to. I usually go to Frederiksberg and Charlottenlund when I scout for the good stuff.

Picnic by the beach. Summer is a good time for picnic baskets, grilling and a good company. This year, my friends and I went on a picnic at Amager Strandpark and tried to take a dip by the ocean (unfortunately, the water was still cold for our preference). Danes, though, flock to the beaches when the temperature starts to hit 20 C to swim, get a tan and just spend the day under the warm sun. Another really good place we went too, though we didn’t grill, was Charlottenlund Port and Klampenborg Beach. They have a huge lawn where you can lay your blankets and hang out with your friends. No need to worry about public toilets and shower, they have it in the area as well.

Strawberry and peas season Another great thing to do during summer in Denmark is to pick strawberries. There are a lot of strawberry farms in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Places like Hillerød and Køge have especially good offers. Aside from the fresh strawberries you pick yourself, you can also get fresh peas, and potatoes. It’s a fun experience, especially since you can do free taste tests with the strawberries while you fill your boxes.

Celebrating Sankt Hans. It’s been my third year burning witches during summer solstice. The witches however, are always bundles of wood and smoke. It is called Sankt Hans in Denmark and is an annual celebration. It always starts on the 24th of July, and is a tradition amongst the Danes. The bonfires are all over on the beaches, it is a huge spectacle and a sight to behold. The celebration includes burning a huge bonfire with an effigy of the witch on top while people sing and drink in the background. This year, we didn’t go by the beach where the biggest gatherings for this event happen. We chose to go by the lake which is located less than 100 meters away from our place.

Kolonihavehus (colony house) and Danish summer houses. Another great place to be during summer in Denmark, includes summer garden houses and summer houses near the beach or flat land. Typically, Danes own or rent a summer house during the season where they stay with their family during summer breaks or simply spend time away from home. All over Copenhagen you can find kolonihavehus (garden house). You can even spot some while on board the trains as some are located near the train tracks. This year I borrowed my husband’s aunt’s kolonihavehus by Flintholm St. for a weekend where I invited my friends over. Not getting enough of the tranquility these summerhouses give, we also extended our travels – By mid-July, we traveled up to Blokhus in North Jutland where my husband’s family’s summer house is located. We stayed there for a week and it was wonderful.

Kayaking and Go-Boats. Another fun thing to experience with friends is going on a boat trip or kayaking by the ocean or on the lakes around Copenhagen. There are tons of Go-Boats and Kayaks you can rent by Islands Brygge. If you’re too lazy to navigate or padel yourself, you can also consider doing a canal tour around the city channels. I skipped it this year and tried the Swan rides by the lakes in city instead.

Food trip. There’s a lot of things to do in Copenhagen and the entire Denmark every summer that you can never not see food on the list. Aside from the usual street food selection by Papiroen and Torvehallen, there are also lost of street food festival that happens every year around Copenhagen. I was luck enough to visit one by lakes at Dronning Louise Bridge. Mexican, American, Asian street food, you name it and they have it.

Mushroom hunting. When the forest is lush during the summer, so is the forest bed. One thing I did this year with my husband and mother-in-law is hunt for mushrooms.  It’s such a cool experience as it is both nature-tripping and a cool summer activity at the same time. Be careful though as you need a mushroom expert to come with you to check the ones you pluck off the mossy bed.  Some of them can be poisonous.

Festivals and concerts. There are a lot of noisy events happening in Copenhagen and the entire Denmark every year. A well known which I haven’t been to is Roskilde Festival which is a music festival that lasts for a week. In Copenhagen there is also Distortion and other cool concerts here and there depending on one’s musical preferences.

Redbull cliff-diving and air experience. Usually in happening in June, Redbull holds cliff-diving activities by the Danish Opera House to mark the start of summer season. Just last August, Swoop Freestyle FIA Championships 2017, a skydiving competition, was held in Denmark by Dronning Louises Bridge. I’m sure there will be more of the same activities in the summer of 2018.

Ice cream. Ice cream shops flourish during summer. In fact, aside from the normal shorts and flip-flops, you will see people eating ice cream in cones when it starts to get warm.  Shops like Paradis Is, which is all over Copenhagen, Ismageriet by Søborg Hovedgade and Lydolphs Isbar by Hellerup get people in a long line come summer season.

Tivoli and Bakken. The best time to ride the thrilling rides in Tivoli and Bakken is when the sun is up and it’s warm. Tivoli and Bakken are two of the best places to visit especially during summer as it is more fun and colorful. While Tivoli is very accessible from the main station, Bakken is also perfect when you feel like combining nature and adventure.  Dyrehaven which is just right next to Bakken offers a fun walk and a spectacular view of the animals that come out in broad daylight.

Møns Klint. Located just a few kilometers away from Copenhagen, Møns Klint is another good summer destination. The place offers spectacular view of the 6 kilometer chalk cliffs along the coast of Møn island. Though it rained when we went there, the place was magnificent with its lush forest and green canopy.

Kronbog Castle (Hamlet’s Castle). Kronborg Castle by Helsingør is one of my favorite castles in Denmark. This UNESCO World Heritage site features a beautiful renaissance and baroque interiors. But that is not only what makes it a go-to place during summer. Kronborg Castle holds Hamlet plays live every summer. Pretty cool, right?

You will never get bored during summer in Denmark, there is so much to do! The lists of activities is just endless. Although it’s nice to experience a whole lot of fun stuff, the whole point of the season is to relax and enjoy the explosive life outside. After all, it’s not gonna last long.

What about you? How did you spend your summer this year? Comment down below so we can have a chat. Maybe you have some nice tips for me next summer season.

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